DC and vertigo shelves

DC Vertigo shelf

This is our area for all the DC And Vertigo Graphic novels and collected editions in Trade paperback and Hard Cover formats.

Definitive stories and collections from the worlds of Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and many more.

We have a wide selection of books from outside the classic ‘superhero Genre’ including Preacher, Y the last man, Sweet tooth, Transmetropolitan, The sandman, The Invisibles and Neil Gaimans Neverwhere to name a few, as well a classics that defy categorisation (or turn the genre on its head completely) like Doom Patrol, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and Watchmen or Tom Kings Mister Miracle.

Also If we have a complete set/miniseries or story arc in single issue format – these are grouped together in the ‘bundle buckets’ and placed on the shelf with the books.

That way – all your complete reads for DC + Vertigo titles are in one place (there is no obligation to buy the sets in full – but we do apply a ‘bundle’ discount for doing so)

We get new deliveries from the publishers every week and are constantly updating the shelves with the classics and the new bestsellers, As well as procuring top notch condition NM “pre-loved” books that are out of print or are no longer available in certain formats. These are all painstakingly QC’d by myself personally and (only the very best condition make it through) and are priced accordingly.

Whilst our web-shop is being built – please contact me for full information on all titles formats and availability

For orders and enquiries

If you want to order anything or find out more, you can get in touch with us in many ways:

Email: mail@cursedearthcomics.com

Text or WhatsApp: 07376480077 

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